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Don't be in the dark...

Uppdaterat: 27 juli 2021

Okay, enough is enough. You’re tired of your "Am I doing right?"- skin care routine and feeling "Ahhhh!" every time you look in the mirror. You feel that you’re so ready to do something…anything…BUT WHAT? For those who are ready to erase all files that have been downloaded to their brain from different Tv commercials/Magazines/Over the counter advices related with their skin, I’ve got an easy to follow plan for you. Here are 8 tips to start NOW to give your skin a complete makeover to get out from the dark—once and for all.

1. Check out your current skincare products

I guess you have a lot of skincare products in your bathroom that are only collecting dust. You were hooked once, you have bought them but not 100 % sure if it suits your skin type or how and when to use it or you might even got a slightly reaction to it-but you thought "It might pass". Sound right? So let's start by getting everything out of your bathroom cabinet and check out every product even those loved free samples.

Throw away your skincare products if…

  • the product is older than two years even if it is NOT OPEN. Preservatives in most skin care products have a shelf life of 2 years—at the most! You have to let them go even if the jar is almost full!

  • the product contains mineral oil, isopropyl myristate(IMP), isopropyl palmitate(it's a thickening agent), petroleum or petrolatum. They can be very nasty as they can lead to clogged bumps.

  • the product contains alcohol(ethanol, ethyl alcohol), synthetic dye or fragrance. These are very common skin irritants and can cause skin sensitivity - especially for retinol users. Unfortunately fragrances are a huge and dark are and we consumers are never going to know exactly what's in it as those are trade secrets.

  • the product has or is changing color or consistency. If it’s smelling kind of weird or the product formula is separating. Definitely out!

2. Find a trusted skincare professional to review your skincare products and routine

Now that you have narrowed down your skincare products and you might stand in front of an almost empty cabinet, you’ll want to get advice for creating your perfect skincare routine. It’s really hard to know own your own(unless you are skincare expert) and you’ll need expert advice along the way as well. If you’re a first-time client, I encourage you to bring in all of your products for to look over. A trusted and respectable professional should help you review your products and make sure that all they are supporting your skincare goal.

To find a reputable skin care specialist to act as an adviser, ask friends, post a question on social for friends, or search online. I can confidently speak for my industry, we LOVE to help others.

3. The best to do a patch test if you’re trying out new skin care products

From all the skin types allergic sensitivity is the most severe in that negative reactions, can sometimes take up to two weeks to heal. If your skin is on the sensitive side, it’s always good to do a patch test by rubbing a small amount of product on the lower side of your face and wait 24 hours. If redness or irritation occurs, avoid using the product.

4. Commit to using your products for your skin

The real secret for getting healthy, beautiful and glowing skin is that you have to be willing to put in the effort, following your routine and actually sticking with it.

Some say it takes 21 days to build a habit, but sport psychologists says to stick with your new habit take 60 days.

5. To boost the results of your products, practice good daily skincare habits

Every day must-dos:

  • Don’t leave your skin bare for longer than 60 seconds after cleansing. Put on your next product quickly.

  • Always wash your face both in the morning and at night. It’s important to wash your skin in the morning because while you sleep at night, your skin is in repair mode and will secrete toxins and sebum, which can prevent your morning products from working most effectively. When you wash your skin in the morning, you’re removing any oil and your heavier nighttime products so that your daytime products can get into the skin better.

  • Use an eye cream so you are protecting that delicate area of the face that shows aging first. 

  • Use a moisturiser with SPF every day on both the face, neck, and chest.

6. Boost your skin results by getting professional skin care treatments such facial with ultrasound or micro-needling

There is no better way to refresh your skin than getting a professional facial with some devices. They are tried and true and without a doubt, they can give you a serious boost of results above and beyond from what you can get at home.

There are many different devices available depending on your skin concern. Consult with a trusted skin care professional to determine what type is best for you, what suits your skin and support your goal.

Regular professional facials every 4-8 weeks can highly improve the results of your skin, too. I recommend to change time to time the types of facials depending on the season or how your skin is behaving. Example: Vitamin C antioxidant facials are great after the summer to reduce visible aging from the sun, while exfoliating facials work well during the winter months to remove dryness caused by the heat in the house.

7. Eat a good, healthy, nutrient-rich diet

What you put in your body may negatively or positively affect your skin.

  • Avoid dairy if you’re prone to blemishes. Breakouts, especially those that are cyst-like in the chin and jawline area, can often be related to too much ice cream, yogurt, milk, and cheese. Try cutting back and you just might see your skin clear up.

  • Limit your intake of alcohol. It leads to under eye and skin puffiness, as well as dehydrated skin. For every alcoholic drink, follow it with an 2,5 dl glass of water.

  • Avoid too much salt . It can lead to skin and under-eye puffiness.

  • Eat foods with color (not from dyes). The more color we eat, the greater variety of antioxidants and nutrients we obtain from our foods. Berries, yellow squash, spinach, oranges, and red apples are all good choices.

8. Practice self-acceptance

You have to remember that we all have unique genes that we have to accept and live with it. For example, some people are going to be prone to get under eye “bags” and all the eye creams in the world will not tighten that up. When it comes to skincare products and skin care routine, the goal is to create an environment within the skin where conditions and problems are kept under control.

The plan to gain back your confidence when you look in the mirror. It’s my life’s calling to be able to guide you there. Hope this gets you out of the dark and move to the right direction.


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