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The Becoming is an exclusive three months program of womanhood, feminine energy and liberation. Three months of live activations, transmissions and coaching. Three months of unfolding, of becoming. Through this program, you’ll learn how to: Identify your skin type, skin issues and current skin condition. Recognise why certain skin issues occur and how hormones play a role in your health and skin health. Know the health implications of toxic skincare & the skincare industry/products you use. Understand and develop an effective and holistic skincare routine. Remedy anything from wrinkles, eczema, acne to sunburns, scars, pigmentation & uneven skin tone. Become empowered with the lifelong knowledge of how to deal with skin troubles. Save hundreds on toxic skincare products that simply do not work. Learn the secrets to face lift massage and stress management. You will save time, money (and your sanity!) with the easy to follow guide of replacing store-bought products with simple holistic skincare options.

Du kan också gå med i programmet via mobilappen.


1 999,00 kr

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